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Our Mission

The AF4GRG provides initial financial aid to qualified grandparents in Luzerne County by helping them navigate the legal process as they care for their grandchildren. 




Everyone has become aware of the tragic opioid crisis that has affected our country and our state. Nationally, more than 2.6 million children have been affected by their father or mother being addicted to drugs or alcohol. In Pennsylvania, more than 90,000 children are under the care of their grandparents, and the need continues to grow each year. 
Heartbreaking story after story told by grandparents of all ages describe the horror, sadness and tragedies in their lives, and the day-to-day challenges they face as they assume the responsibility of caring for their grandchildren.
Each and every story has similar consequences that seem endless, but with every case, the reality of legal adjudication becomes inevitable. Every grandparent must eventually go to court to provide a legal path to ensure the safety and welfare of these children.


Our Purpose


The purpose of AF4GRG is to provide partial financial relief for grandparents who must retain the services of a lawyer, at their cost, to ensure the safety and welfare of their grandchildren.

Our Goal


The goal of AF4GRG is to provide financial support by subsidizing the cost of the legal process to gain temporary emergency guardianship and/or custody of grandchildren being raised by their grandparents. AF4GRG will also subsidize the cost of adoption for grandparents raising their grandchildren or any relative caregiver that does not otherwise qualify for low-cost or other subsidized legal services.*

*Certain restrictions may apply.





Help support grandparents raising grandchildren by donating today to AF4GRG. Your generosity and support will help improve the lives of children in our community!


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